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Travel SistersBoston, MA VlogEnglish SubtitlesNow, we are in Boston and going to the Quincy Market. We are walking to the Quincy Market. Here it is! I forgot to bring a macro lens today, our face look big in this video. Those cookies are bigger than my hand! We had a bread soup earlier today.

Which was a big bread and lobster soup in it. This is bread. And those are soup. (Ice-cream) You can sit here and enjoy your meal.

Or you can sit upstairs. Here is outside the Quincy Market Allen: I found a mystical place. There is the Freedom Trail in Boston. You can follow the red-lined route and it will bring you to some historically sites.

However, there are red brick everywhere. We finally found the red-line route. I think it looks a little bit like the Central in Hong Kong. Now, we are following the red-line route.

Follow me to the Freedom Trail. (Freedom Trail) (F* you) Do you know what is this? (NO.) The Freedom Trail bring us to here. I don’t know what is this. I think we walked the whole Boston.

This is the red-line route. We are now walking to somewhere we don’t know. It is beautiful here. We are now in Quincy Market again We are here again.

We are eating traditional curry. This is corn soup. (It tastes really good.) This morning, we ate the soup with the bread. Now, we are eating without the bread.

I’m now making a coin for my friend. We can’t choose which one to make. It costs 51 cents. It is done.

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Oh why is it crooked?! You aren’t concentrate when making it. I should have roll that machine faster. We are in the Yankee, which located in the fish market. This is lobster soup.

It costs about 6 dollars. This one is better than the bread soup yesterday. We are in Boston, we should definitely try the Boston lobster! (There is a cute boy by the front door.) Jackie said there is a cute boy at the front door. I saw him, he looks really cute.

Oh that fat guy block our view! Let’s see the lobster, it is so big. The one we had yesterday, they didn’t have that big. Here are oysters! They look fresh. She is still eating the soup.

I don’t know if it is the right way to eat. It is good. They are fresh but a little bit small. This is lobster roll.

There is fresh fries, so American style. This is lobster mac and cheese. We are done eating now. What do you think? I’m so full.

It is not expensive at all. The lobsters are so big. But the oysters are little bit small. Today we are here in the Red House.

The oysters here are cheap. It costs 50 cents each only. Wow she starts eating already. We start to eat now.

We kept eating and forgot to record. This is lobster wonton. This was scallop. Three scallops was gone.

This is lobster with rice, really delicious. The lobster is so big! It is really good. Please like and subscribe our channel. See you later!.

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