Travel To Relax – TRAVEL SNACKS& ESSENTIALS!Join me in Boston!

TRAVEL SNACKS& ESSENTIALS!Join me in Boston! Hi everyone! Now, whether you’re traveling just for a little period of time or traveling for a long period of time if you have any kind of health goal, you know that every bite counts, every step counts, every little move you make can either get you closer to that goal or get you farther away from that goal. But if you’re just trying to stay like health conscious here are my top things that you should take whenever you are traveling. These things go with me everywhere I go. Or there are things that are a-must.

Like we’re in a hotel right now, and one of my must-haves… Is… Refrigerator! Every hotel we look for we always ask or request a mini fridge because one, eating out is mad expensive. And so I’m paying more money for probably more calories and salt and sugar and fat than I really want.

So we always try to hit the store and bring back food to our mini fridge. We’ve already gone shopping this time We’re in Boston and we stopped by…I. Can’t really remember the name…Roche something…Over there in Chinatown. But shout out to all the Boston people out there.

This city rocks! I’ve only been here for a day & I love it! I’ll tell you what we have so far we have some type of broccoli cranberry little casserole thing. Really good. And then last night we had chicken curry, and I actually had them with some Beanito chips it was really good, and this is a wrap we had extra chicken leftover and my husband found a killer – we thought was a killer deal – on sushi! This big thing of sushi and sashimi. And then of course I have yogurt here because I also never leave home….Well if it’s made…

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Without my homemade granola! My granola is low glycemic, it doesn’t have a lot of sugar in it and it has healthy fats: hemp seeds, walnuts, almonds, pecans, and so I put on my [yogurt] Last night I had it as more of a late night snack. When we went to that health store they had doughnuts. And I instantly wanted them, and I instantly was talking myself into it & talking myself out of it. I thought, “no I have my granola I’m at home, be sensible, eat the granola, if the craving for doughnuts is still there the next morning you know I might go back for it”…

But it wasn’t! It totally hit the spot. So awesome! Other snacks that I brought with me these are a new fun find… Egg whites, almonds, cashews, date,. No BS.

They’re so good! Check it out. Yes, it’s already gone. We got up at 3 a.M.. I was starving.

I didn’t get to eat anything before the plane so both — I brought 2 both of these bad boys — were gone hmmm probably halfway through the flight I think these are so great or work well for me because they have 210 calories which is good for a snack, 8 g of fat, 5 g of fiber and BINGO! 12 G of protein! Which my body just works so much better if I have a higher protein breakfast than I do If it’s a carb loaded breakfast. And see if I brought for dessert. Yeah, you can use them as a snack but… My body doesn’t really do well with 19 grams of sugar for a snack.

That’s more dessert for me. There are 4 grams of sugar in one teaspoon. And 19 g is just a lot. But I brought these along in case I had a late night sugar craving and these really hit the spot.

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My other travel must-have…And this one used to kind of mess me up I used to not think about it because I thought, I can’t go on the plane with fluid, so I guess I can’t bring my water bottle. Which normally goes with me everywhere because I naturally don’t think to drink water. But duh just empty it and get more water when you get on the other side of security! Now I can just carry this around I remember and I still try to shoot for three of these things a day. That’ll help my digestion, help me feel full longer, and also make me know — The majority people can’t tell if they are feeling hunger cues or they’re feeling thirst cues and so if I’m getting what my body needs water-wise, I’m less likely to overeat.

So that means I can still, you know, when I’m enjoying foods that usually aren’t things I eat and aren’t really on the “great list” of things to be eating… I want to make sure [I’m] not eating like tons extra calories because I’m just confusing my thirst cues with my hunger cues. Lastly my number one thing: I never EVER leave my workout shoes and my workout clothes! Because even if I forget my water bottle or even if I just don’t care about what I’m going to eat, at least I know I can walk places. I’m not, “oh, I just brought my heels, or I just brought my flip-flops and we can’t really walk because those hurt my feet and hurt my back and hurt everything else” and all the other excuses that come along with that.

[SIGH] Just bring your workout clothes. Also any time we’re out staying at a hotel. They have to have a gym! I’m in Boston right now, and I didn’t know this was such like a walking active city. So I think I’m gonna go rent a bike or just go walk around.

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When we first got here yesterday we walked for six hours. I got up super early yesterday morning before our flight. It was actually 3:00 a.M. That I got up because I’m determined! I’m in that state right now where I am determined to hit a health goal and I didn’t care what time it was.

Yesterday around 3:00 p.M.. I really cared and I really wanted a bed. But we were about 6 miles away from our hotel room, but (!) Absolutely no regrets! And I woke up feeling awesome! All that to say, if you go to a hotel make sure they have a gym. Or if you’re in an active city like this you don’t worry about it.

Just go! Have fun! It doesn’t have to be an actual workout if you’re just moving and you’re being active. Or maybe if you have your kids with you and you all  just go play… Remember when we were kids? We didn’t work out. We just played! That’s still being active.

That still burning calories. That’s still helping your heart and your metabolism and everything else! Vacations supposed to be fun, so just enjoy! Thanks for tuning in! I am Crystal Chester, Functional and Clinical Dietitian. Please LIKE this! SUBSCRIBE to my channel. I’ll catch you next time, have a blessed day!.

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