Travel To Relax – Travel Tips How to live on $50 per week in Sydney

Travel Tips How to live on $50 per week in Sydney - Backpacking Cheap and FUN!Hello my name is Janie, I’m French Canadian.
I’ve been in Sydney for three months and I’ve managed to spend only fifty dollars a week.
The first step is obviously eating, because we all need to eat all the time. And it is
possible to be healthy and cheap at the same time. For example, I went to Paddy’s market
every week to buy my fruits and vegetables. And if you go on Sunday afternoon it’s really
really cheap.

So you get good fruits, good vegetables, all fresh for a very cheap price.
If you feel creative you can also have a look on the free food shelf at your hostel. You
will find lots of different things, and you can just cook with what you find and it will
be cheap. My third tip to eat for a cheap price is go and enquire about the events at
your hostel. Usually there’s a free barbeque at least once a week or there’s like a pizza
night, so you get free food and you don’t have to spend any money on that and you can
share good times with your friends.

Ok so the second step is of course visiting.
As we are backpackers, we love seeing new stuff and discovering new places. Well in
Sydney it is possible to do that for pretty much free. Everything is in walking distance,
the main attractions like the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and you can also visit museums
for free which is really cool. My little tip is to go to further destinations on a Sunday,
as transport is only two dollars fifty.

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Ok so the final step and the step that every
backpacker does, is obviously partying. So it is possible to have fun with your friends
and be very cheap at the same time. The first step I recommend is; buy some goon! It will
become your best friend, you find it in every hostel, there’s a box of goon everywhere.
In Sydney, you’ll find a bottle shop where they sell it for only eight dollars ninety
nine! What is goon; it’s like very cheap wine, it’s Australian, and you get four litres,
so it ill last you for a few days, and you’ll have a very good time! Also, if you go out
with your hostel, most hostels have free entry to very cool bars in the CBD, or in other
parts of the city and very often you get some free drinks so you’ll have a good time with
your friends. And, if you’re a girl you can try in the bar and get some free drinks as

So to conclude, it is possible to be cheap
and have a good time if you’re organised and motivated. So you can live with fifty dollars
a week or less, after your accommodation, and still have a very good time..

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