Travel To Relax – Traveling By Train in EuropeHow to Book Train Travel From Paris to Amsterdam

Traveling By Train in EuropeHow to Book Train Travel From Paris to AmsterdamTrain travel from the beautiful city of Paris
to the exciting city of Amsterdam, is the easiest way to visit these European cities.
Driving takes much more time and effort. But flying is more costly and filled with hassles.
Follow our instructions. We will help you. Book tickets online at the Rail Euro website.
Purchase tickets while in Europe at vending machines or train station counters.

can often buy tickets and board trains as well. Compare prices with different rail lines
to find the best rates. Package deals and rail passes offer deep discounts from the
moderately priced regular fees. Look for trains that travel within cities to get around faster
and cheaper than by rental car or taxi.

Ask about rates and tickets at the train station.
Relax during the six hour ride from Paris to Amsterdam. Make reservations early to solidify
travel plans. Buy rail passes to enjoy this cayance. Book train travel on the Thalys,
the high speed trains running between Paris, Amsterdam and other cities in between.

European Rail lines offer tickets on this rapid transit. Travel from Paris North to
Amsterdam Central takes about four hours and prices are moderate. Relax in comfort in first
class. Or enjoy regularly priced seats.

First class tickets include meals and newspapers.
Purchase tickets on the Thalys before or after arriving in Europe. This train runs up to
nineteen times daily, and tickets are usually available..

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