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Vacations & Private PlanesHow to Open a Travel Agency

Hi everyone, I'm Russ Handler, travel expert.
And did you know that a tremendously vast majority of travel that is booked these days
is done online? If you're thinking about opening a travel agency, consider doing it in the
comfort of your own home. It's pretty simple, just do a search on the internet on how to
get going in the travel industry, and you'll get tremendous opportunities out there. But
I want to let you know that many of the opportunities that you will get will definitely require
an up front fee. It will also require a monthly maintenance fee, and in many cases, some of
these plans out there are multi-level marketing.

Now, if you're uncomfortable with that, don't
do it. In many cases you will have the option to just be a licensed travel agent, and accept
commission on the travel that you book, which is a great idea. And then, it'll also give
you the option to be a multi-level representative. But, if you're just looking to get in the
travel business and earn a little extra income by booking travel for friends and family,
definitely go with just the licensing fee and the small up-front fee.

In some cases
you don't even have to pay that up-front fee for licensing. I'm Russ Handler, and that's
how you do it..

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