Travel To Relax – Voyager Group Travel Insurance, Medical, Evacuation, & Pre-existing Conditions

Voyager Group Travel Insurance - Medical, Evacuation, & Pre-existing Conditions

Hello, this is Troy Gonzales with Good Neighbor Insurance. I'm going to talk about the GeoBlue Voyager international health insurance. The GeoBlue Voyager international health insurance is for teams & groups of people travelling outside of the U.S. This video is all about the medical coverage, evacuation, pre-existing conditions.

Everything about the medical coverage on this Voyager international travel health insurance is gonna be covered. All right? So that's all this is about. Now let's go ahead and get started. There is coverage for new injuries and new illnesses provided.

It's under the medical maximum limit, which you can choose. There are four choices as well for you to choose, from $50,000 to $1 million. You can choose that for your whole team. So that's going to be hospitalizations, ICU, prescriptions related to those new injuries, new illnesses, those types of things.

Aside from that, there is medical evacuation insurance that has its own maximum limit. So, the medical evacuation insurance is covered up to $500,000, and it's separate from the overall medical maximum limit that you can choose for new injuries new illnesses. And aside from that, there are other benefits as well, including non-medical benefits, but I have another video about the non-medical benefits. So you can check that out if you want.

It's in the description below, but this is about medical. So the last thing I want to say about the medical coverage is pre-existing conditions. So a pre-existing medical condition is any condition, illness, injury, that's happened before the effective date of coverage. On the Voyager essential plan, the Voyager Essential international travel insurance, pre-existing conditions are not covered.

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On the Voyager Choice on the other hand, pre-existing conditions are covered, but in order to have that policy, each person on the policy must have a primary U.S. Health plan during the time of their international travel health insurance policy. So that's how you have that benefit of pre-existing conditions coverage. It has that requirement there.

But it doesn't cover for known, required, or scheduled maintenance. It's not that type of thing. It's an emergency plan. So the last thing is, there is terrorism coverage included, covered as any other illness.

Really, really great top notch international travel health insurance for teams & groups travelling internationally. So that's the GeoBlue Voyager international travel health insurance. We have other videos about different aspects of this plan, and there's more information online, so just let us know if you have questions..

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