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Walking the Boston Heritage TrailTravel on the BrainTadadadah! Boston was my first stop in my US adventure. And it was a bit rainy cause the hurricane Joaquin came up. But I walked the Freedom Trail, as you can see. And it was absolutely marvellous.

I learned how to make chocolate back in the olden days. Which was drinking chocolate. I saw the printing processes back then. And this is the Declaration of Independence.

Which was pretty cool. I saw the main stops along the way. Old churches, bridges… It was kinda a mix between very old colonial houses and modern brick buildings.

Which was interesting. There were lots of cemeteries. And I love cemeteries, so of course I had to visit. When you’re in Boston, you need to go to the Haymarket and the other little markets in the city centre which are just amazing to look at.

You can get everything from international cuisine and of course pizza, burger ice cream, pretzels It is amazing! Foodies need to be there. And one thing to eat, which I don’t like cause I don’t like seafood is the clam soup which is called chowda And I saw  Coca Cola truck and I thought that was a pretty standard American experience right on my first day. And I made friends with little squirrels in the park. They were pretty curious and wanted nuts from me so I collected them for them they broke them in front of me and just threw them to the ground.

Very grateful. Very nice of them Thank you very much for receiving a gift like that. But they were just absolutely adorable. You ever had a squirrel play date? Let me know in the comments.

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Anyway, I loved being in Boston; I would totally go again and maybe you have been. Let me know. That was my video of Boston. I hope you liked it and I hope you like my new friends, the squirrels.

And if you want to see more of my upcoming videos of my tour in the USA. I encourage you to subscribe down below. Click the red button and drop a comment tell me were you went or tell me of tips you might have cause I will need them. I have never been to the US before.

Everything is completely new and I have a full packed program. See you soon!.

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