Travel To Relax – Why cycle South America

Why cycle South America

I keep asking myself "Why am I here?" If there's an easy way and a hard way, I always pick the hard way. You get up at 5:00 in the morning, you knock down the tent,
you have breakfast, you ride for 100km,
put up the tent, have dinner, go to bed. You're sick, you ride.
If you're hurting, you ride. The goal is to make it from top to bottom on your own power.

From Cartagena to Ushuaia. EFI stands for Every Fabulous Inch. It's pretty much understood that it means
Every ******' Inch. I don't believe in Every Fabulous Inch.

To me, the cycling is secondary.
Witnessing all this is primary for me. I'm a pathological traveller. I love it. You don't come and cycle across a continent if you're not curious.

You come to learn, and to be inspired. It gets in your blood.
You do it once, and you want to see more. Every turn is something new.
Every town is different. In the moment, at the time,
you just think, Why am I doing this? Then you say, Well actually that was pretty

It's mostly a mental challenge.
Your body can usually rise to the occasion. Physically, it's suffering. But it's so much
fun. You're coming down a wonderful descent,
the sun is shining, there's a beautiful view, You're the happiest person on the planet in
that moment! The types of cultures that you see
or we've gone through the mountains and the farmers, makes the pleasures in life be simpler but just so much better.

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You do get an enormous adrenaline rush. Being absolutely spent, but feeling incredibly
euphoric and high, it's like a high.
A complete high! You know, I didn't think this was possible.
But it actually is possible. The more you have to work for it,
the sweeter the reward. It's better to regret the things you've done,
than to regret the things you haven't done..

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