Travel To Relax – Why the Most Dangerous Thing You Can Have is Good Medical Insurance

Why the Most Dangerous Thing You Can Have is Good Medical Insurance

Ty Bollinger: So Robert, heres a couple
quotes I want you to talk about. First one, Ive heard you say that "the most dangerous
thing a person can have is good medical insurance." What do you mean by that? Dr. Robert Scott Bell: Well, its a funny
thing to say and some people get offended when I say that because you know the biggest
bulk of the American population, unfortunately, weve been clamoring for affordable health
care or affordable health insurance, which really nothing about the system supports health.
It is, as you said, medical insurance. It is covering management of disease; its
not preventive of disease and if we were to look at the appropriate role for insurance
it would be dealing with catastrophic unexpected scenarios.

That is a legitimate role for insurance. Not
the way it is utilized today as a third party intervener in the doctor, patient relationship. And going back to the monopoly of medicine
and the Flexner Report, they limit your choice of doctors – any kind you want as long as
its allopathic, right? Thats like old Communist Russia or East Germany. You can
have any color car you want as long as its black.

Its not much of a choice, but weve
been convinced that we have to have a choice within the no choice scenario. And so when we talk politically about whatever
you want to call Obamacare, and it could have been Bushcare, it doesnt matter to me.
That it embraces an exclusivity and a monopoly and mandates your participation, and it is
a corruption to begin with. So, if I say the most dangerous thing you
can have is good medical insurance, the reason is this. Its because it guarantees
the doctors will order every invasive test possible and give you access to every invasive
medical procedure, drug…

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Anything. And these things are
deadly, deadly. And when you find out what really cures cancer and heals cancer, I mean,
heck, just read "Cancer – Step Outside the Box" by this guy… Who is this guy? Oh Ty,
thats you.

Youll see that the reality is more people
die of the treatment of that form of monopoly medical oncological treatment. And that if
you did nothing, if you did nothing you would at the very least survive the same amount
of time, but with a much higher quality of life and in most cases you may live far longer
if you did nothing. Although there are some things, many things in fact that you can do,
and thats what were doing here, revealing at least some of those things that you can
do. So yes, I believe as it is today the most dangerous thing you can have is good medical

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