You Haven’t Seen A Religious Nutcase Til You See This Scooter-Riding Jesus.

Inri Christo, born Álvaro Theiss, is a 66 year-old man from Brasilia, Brazil, and he thinks he is Jesus. (Seriously.) It sounds crazy, but he has spent 35 years believing that he was Jesus and gaining hundreds of followers. He has traveled around the world, preaching … and subsequently getting arrested and thrown out of whatever country he was in.

He has been tossed out of those countries because of his controversial beliefs (those being that he believes he is the Messiah).

When he isn’t preaching, he rides around his compound on his scooter.

INRI is a Latin acronym that means “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.”

Many of his disciples that live at his church have been following him for decades.

Although he claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus, he keeps a kennel of vicious guard dogs to protect him at his New Jerusalem compound.

Every Saturday, he preaches to his followers.

He has been preaching as the new Jesus since 1979.

He keeps artifacts from his own life locked in a glass case at the compound.

Inri also tries to prove that he is Jesus by placing himself side-by-side with artists’ images of Jesus.

Critics say that he is psychologically unstable, but he denies those claims.

It’s hard not to believe his critics.

It’s not just his belief in the fact that he is Jesus that makes him seem crazy, though. He also has outlandish views on World War III, evolutionism, vegetarianism, overpopulation, birth control, abortion, atheism, socialism and capitalism. Source: Basically, it’s hard to believe he isn’t insane.

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